HF Transmitters

Reduced price
mailIcom IC-751 & IC-AT-100 tunnerSold together$470
mailYeasu FT-100Will need new mic, MH-36B. Very used$500

FM Transmitters

mailYeasu FT-19002 meter
Reduced price…again

Communication receivers

mailKenwood R-2000$200
mailIcom IC-R75$400
mailCountyComm GP-5/SSB
Reduced price

CB Radios

mailRealistic TRC-43140 Channel radio$55
mailUniden Pro 538w40 Channel radio$40

Handheld radios

mailBoafeng UV-5RsWith charger$20
mailBoafeng UV-5R+With charger$30
mailTYT TH-UV3R dual bandCharger & accessories,
BAD Battery
mailYeasue FT-470Chargers and case$50
mailBFDX BF-CS580 UHF DMRCharger & accessories$60


mailBuddistick Deluxe5 sections/32 inch rigid shock-cord adjustable whip, coil, adaptor plate, counter poise, 9 foot mast, tripod.
Whip and coil are seized up from corrosion
mailTarheel 100A-HP
Reduced price
mailCushcraft AR-270BDual band base antenna. New in the box$200
soldDiamond 7900D, UHFMobile quad band for QYT radio$25

Rotor & Controllers

mailCDE Big Talk, BT-1Controller$40

Antenna tuners

pendingMFJ-986 Differential Tunner3KW roller inductor tuner. No pwr cable$160
mailMFJ-949DDeluxe Versa Tuner II. No pwr cable$60
mailMFJ-941EVersa Tuner II. No pwr cable$100
mailVectronics VC-300DPLAntenna tuner. No pwr cable$110

Antenna switches

mailAlpha Delta, Delta-22 position with surge protection$60
mailMFJ-1702C2 position with ground$50
mailMFJ-1702C2 position with ground$50
mailMFJ-1702C2 position with ground$50
mailMFJ-1702C2 position with ground$50

Power Supplies

mailPowerwex SS-30DV30m amp$100

Testing gear

mailMFJ-259CSWR Analyzer
Reduced price
mailMFJ-207SWR Analyzer$60
mailMFJ-209SWR Analyzer$60
mailBK 2120B Oscillosope20 MHz$50


mailHeils ProsetDual, Very used
Reduced price

CW Keys

mailMFJ-422B-XPaddles. No pwr cable$120
mailMFJ-557 Key/oscillatorNo power cable$50

CW Keyers & recorders

mailMFJ-464 CW reader/keyer$150
mailMFJ-484 KeyerGrandmaster Memory keyer. No pwr cable$40

Vintage Stuff

mailHeathkit SB-600Speaker$120
mailYeasu SP-101PBPhone patch external speaker$100
mailHeathkit HS-24Speaker$24
mailHeathlit HM-102SWR Analyzer$50
mailHeathkit -SG-72AAudio generator$30
mailOak Baytech LP-11PLow pass filter$10
mailD.L. Drake TV-3300-LPLow pass filter$25
mailHomebrew wheatstone bridgeNot tested$20


mailMFJ-1278 Multimode Data Controller$50
mailMFJ-931 Artificial Ground$75
mailDiawa RF-400Speech processor$50


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